Change Your Life; Not Your Clothes


The Lent season is less than a day old, and I already feel like I’m starting to learn things from God.

It reminds me of an episode from Taxi, an old TV show that I’m sure was gone by the time many of you were born.  One of the characters meets a woman in the waiting room of a psychiatrist’s office.  The woman is smoking a cigarette (yeah, in the waiting room; the show is THAT old), but she looks very happy.  He asks her why she’s so happy and she says, “Oh, I just quit smoking.”

He looks at her in astonishment because, obviously, she is STILL smoking.  She realizes that he’s looking at the cigarette in her fingers and she says, “Oh, this is my last one.  After this, I’m through.” Continue reading “Change Your Life; Not Your Clothes”