Living In a Post-Matrimonial Society


I’ve been trying to write about the subject of marriage for several months now.  I have an entire file of failed attempts to say what I’m thinking about it.  I’m taking another shot tonight, and if you’re reading this, I’ll only ask you for two things.

First, read the whole thing or none of it.  Some of you are not going to like SOME of what I have to say; a few might not care for any of it, but at least if you do try to read this, read it all.  Otherwise, you’re going to come away with a wrong impression of what I’m trying to say.  I imagine for those of you that have been reading me for a while, that explanation is unnecessary. Continue reading “Living In a Post-Matrimonial Society”

Living Under Attack


Here at Journey of Faith in Fremont, we’ve been noticing lately that God has really been blessing our ministry. Attendance is good, finances are in good shape, we have new people coming to church on a regular basis, we received 8 new members today and god is also blessing the outreach efforts we’ve undertaken this fall and winter in order to engage the community.

So everything is great, right? Continue reading “Living Under Attack”

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord


I’m sitting at my desk on Thursday afternoon and I’ve been shedding some tears. This has been a week of remembering and I want to share a little of that with you.

Bev Mortenson

On Monday of this week, Margie and I attended the funeral of our friend Bev Mortenson in Santa Rosa. For those of you who didn’t know Bev, she was one of the mainstays of the Hope Community Church we were privileged to serve for three years in the early part of my bi-vocational period. Continue reading “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord”